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5 reviews | 65 orders

I went out on a limb, and ordered from Volcano because they seemed to specialize in sushi. The downfall is their delivery minimum accompanied by their delivery fee. Luckily, I was willing to shell out a little bit more that day. I forgot what I ordered honestly. I got an assortment of sashimi. I didn't like every single one out of six, but they were all still tasty and beautifully made. I also got some sort of Spicy Tuna Rolls. If you make them well, you have my heart. They have different options of them though. There was a cruncy sort of element that I didn't really like, and don't usually get, but it was still nice. The presentation was overall very nice. The delivery guy was quite frankly well-dressed in all black. He was friendly, and I gave him a three dollar tip if I recall. Overall, I enjoyed my experience with this place. Perhaps if I have company over and more than one of us are ordering, I will choose Volcano Asian Bistro over my other place. My rating is definitely an A.


3 reviews | 45 orders

I love this place- I actually have their Rewards card for my in-person visits. Their Fuji Mtn has become my favorite sushi roll anywhere. They're also remarkably courteous and helpful when I'm dining in, including to my sometimes-a-real-jerk toddler.


2 reviews | 34 orders

Great food and ALWAYS speedy delivery - thanks!

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